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you could eat a side salad... or you could put the salad on the ‘za 🍕🥦⁣⁣
I took half of a plates worth of spinach and sautéed it! Lord knows that spinach disappears when cooked so just add it as a topping to compromise. I also sautéed onions and some steamed veggies that I had leftover from stirfry prep the other night. About 2 cups of raw veg, once cooked, will fit on these two slices. 🙌🏼⁣⁣
This meal is easy because you can keep pitas/flatbreads in the freezer and a can of pizza sauce in the pantry. 💵 I would bet that every single one of you has shredded cheese at all times too. 🧀 It’s a quick weeknight meal that uses up leftovers.⁣⁣
🍕homemade pizzzzaaa⁣🍕
▪️Multigrain flatbread ⁣
▪️Skim mozzarella (less is more)⁣
▪️4 tbsp canned pizza sauce⁣
▪️1 tbsp butter to sauté ⁣
▪️1 cup broccoli ⁣
▪️1 cup peppers⁣
▪️1 cup mushrooms ⁣
▪️1/2 of a white onion ⁣
▪️Topped with chilli flakes and pizza seasoning for flavour and skip the xtra cals of dipping sauce.👅

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