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roasted cauli🌸 soup ⁣for this chilly fall day

I feel like people misjudge cauliflower, assuming it’s less nutritious because it’s bland in colour and we’re always being told to “eat the rainbow” 🌈⁣

don’t overlook it because cauliflower is a great source of vitamins C & K, folate, and fiber!⁣

The texture of the soup is almost identical to a classic potato soup 🥣.This version is lower carb and less fat, making it an ideal side dish for your dinner. ⁣

📋Recipe from @cookieandkate  (makes 4️⃣ servings and freezes well for a few months)⁣

#ingredients  ⁣that I bet you can always have on hand
❕1 medium head of cauliflower ⁣
❕1 red onion⁣
❕3 tbsp olive oil⁣
❕2 cloves garlic⁣
❕4 cups veggie broth⁣
❕2 tbsp unsalted butter⁣

💡 Look for low-sodium veggie broth (I keep the powdered stock on hand so I don’t have to worry about using that 1L broth up within a week before expiring)⁣

💪🏼Macros for a 215 kcal serving (1 cup)⁣
16.8 g fat (5.3g saturated/11.5g unsaturated)⁣
12 g carbs (3.69g/15% fiber)⁣
3.6 g protein

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